From the recordings Replay and She Looks Like Fun


She Looks Like Fun

Beautiful fantoms Swirling through my Head
Never thought a girl could make me turn red
Twitterpation got me all inside out
Oh I know I better figure this one out

She might be a Siren, She might be the One
She might eat me alive, she might make me come undone
She might be a bitch, she might be a diamond
She might be a good lover, she might blot out the sun
She looks like fun

Pheromones in the air, release all my dopamine
One smell of her hair and I’m a crazy fein
She’s like Cleopatra on a throne of power
It’s just not me that she wants to devour


She don’t know that I’m a decorated lover
But damn straight she’s about to discover
Caesar was wise to Cleopatra’s Game
She’ll never be the same